Belle Air Effect in Prishtina

During the week Pirstina’s busiest airline, the Italian registered Belle Air Europe, ceased operations, a move which is expected to have short term effects on Pristina Airport. On Thursday, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority suspended Belle Air Europe’s operating license. Affected passengers are now seeking compensation which the defunct airline has an obligation to provide, though it has been difficult getting in contact with the airline. Belle Air Europe operated flights out of Pristina to Basel, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Malmo, Milan, Stuttgart, Venice and Verona. In addition, it often ran services on behalf of other airlines, making it the busiest at the airport.
Adria Airways and Wizz Air were quick to respond to Belle Air Europe’s demise. Adria operated up to five flights between Pristina and Ljubljana the day following Belle Air Europe’s suspension announcement. Wizz Air launched a dedicated webpage to those affected by the bankruptcy, offering low “rescue” fares for travel from its Skopje base. However, no airline has committed to taking over any of Belle Air Europe’s routes. On the other hand, in Albania, where parent company Belle Air also filed for bankruptcy, Italian low cost airline Blue Panorama immediately took over seven of Belle Air’s routes. Adria is in the best position to profit from the bankruptcy since it has a Bombardier CRJ900 based in Pristina, as well as local staff. In addition, Adria is a EU registered airline, allowing it to operate flights out of Pristina to EU markets.
In 2012 Pristina Airport was the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, handling 1.527.13 passengers. Of that, Belle Air Europe accounted for 210.787. In the first three quarters of 2013, Belle Air Europe carried 175.535 passengers to and from Pristina. The airport has seen significant passenger growth so far this year, however, the rate of increase in the last few months has considerably slowed. Split Airport is currently ahead of Pristina, handling 1.524.192 passengers compared to the latter’s 1.440.632 during the first ten months of the year. After a strong 2013, Split is vying to overtake the title as the former Yugoslavia’s third busiest airport this year. However, in order to so, it must continue to see growth during the slow winter months while the effects of Belle Air Europe’s demise in Pristina remain to be seen. Pristina Airport will continue to be served by fourteen scheduled airlines this winter.belleair-

Airport Pristina is keeping numbers high

Pristina Airport has continued to record strong passenger numbers, though the rate of growth has slowed in July. During last month, Pristina Airport welcomed 198.443 passengers though its doors, an increase of 0.6%. In the first seven months of 2013, Pristina Airport has handled 954.488 passengers, an increase of 11.6% compared to the same period last year. Dubrovnik Airport, which is hot on Pristina’s heels, will handle its millionth passenger of the year today. However, Pristina is expected to maintain its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia this year. In 2012 the airport handled 1.527.134 passengers.

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Pristina International Airport 2013 Statistics Jan-July

  • Janury 119,714
  • February 102,217
  • March 126,132
  • Arill 134,272
  • May 132,610
  • June 141,100
  • July 198.443


meanwhile Prishtina Airport is nearing the end of new terminal construction which will be among the best in the Balkans region with over 42,000 m2. The new terminal building of Pristina Adem Jashari Airport is designed as a structure in which all the equipment will be kept for effective operation in an enclosed area of 42,474 m2. There are 26 check-in desks and one large-size luggage check-in desk in the new terminal building. 6 C-type planes or 3 E-type planes will be able to park simultaneously thanks to 4 passenger boarding bridges and 3 fixed link buildings all of which are compatible with the MARS system. With open park positions, 8 C-type and 4 E-type planes are able to park.

The new terminal building will offer highest-quality service in terms of aviation and passenger comfort. In total over 2.500 m2 of trading area, 900 m2 of which is duty-free zone, was established in the new terminal building. With these features, it will serve as the terminal with the most spectacular trading concept of the Balkans.

Pristina Airport terminal nears completion Pristina’s time to shine

The new multi million euro terminal in Pristina is set to open its doors to passengers this fall. Construction work on the 45.000 square metre building is nearing completion with late September being tipped as the official opening date for the new terminal. Project manager Holdon Koktur says 130 million euros has been invested into the terminal building, which will have the capacity to handle 3.2 million passengers per year. “We have expanded the airport’s capacity and I am sure that the government will be satisfied. We have invested more into the project than was originally planned. I am very pleased with our progress“, Mr. Koktur commented.

pristina airport adem jashari

Pristina Airport believes the new terminal will also lure passengers away from using its nearest rival – Skopje Airport. “People do not want to cross the border to use Skopje Airport. It is not attractive for those in Kosovo to travel two hours to Macedonia. We are ready for any kind of competition and believe we will provide much better services than other airports in the region”, Mr. Koktur said. He added airport authorities are considering subsidising low cost airlines in order to attract more customers. Low fares have recently attracted many from Kosovo to use Skopje Airport, with the airport recently launching its own shuttle bus to Pristina. Continue reading Pristina Airport terminal nears completion Pristina’s time to shine

Prishtina Airport is Booming

While most of the limelight is on Belgrade and Zagreb, Pristina Airport has managed to significantly increase passenger numbers over the past few years and is looking stronger than ever in 2013. In addition, the former Yugoslavia’s third busiest airport is set open the doors of its new multi million euro terminal by year’s end, which it hopes will further boost traffic and passenger flow. In the first quarter, Kosovo’s main airport saw its figures boom 19% while in February and March numbers rose over 27%. The airport handled just over 349.000 passengers in the first three months. The growth is being driven, amongst other things, by a strong increase in the number of operated flights, up by 15%.

The busiest carrier at Pristina Airport was Belleair Europe, which was the airline of choice for 64.030 passengers. Germanwings came in second with 36.115 travellers. Adria Airways, which also calls Pristina its home, carried over 20.000 passengers and was the fifth busiest airline at the airport, behind Germania and easyJet but ahead of Darwin Airlines, Edelweiss, Turkish Airlines and Belair. The most popular destination from Pristina was Zurich with a combined total of both inbound and outbound passengers standing at 80.000. The route has seen a 27% boost in passenger numbers so far this year. Istanbul (both Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports) was the second most popular destination with some 40.000 passengers. Dusseldorf and Munich were next in line with over 30.000 travellers.

Meanwhile, construction of the airport’s new terminal and control tower are progressing, with construction to be completed by the end of the year. The new terminal stretches over 45.000 square metres with the building featuring three air bridges. Furthermore, a new apron and car park with the ability to serve 1.750 vehicles are also under construction. Pristina handled 1.527.134 passenger in 2012, up 7.4% on the year before.

Malesia Reisen Oferta per 29 dhe 30 Maj 2013

Zurich → Prishtina 29/05/2013 06:55     150,00 CHF

Prishtina → Zurich 29/05/2013  10:00     130,00 CHF
Prishtina → Zurich 30.05.2013  09:30     160,00 CHF

Schweiz: Spreitenbach +41 56 417 90 90 Zürich +41 44 211 81 81 Zürich (Airport) +41 43 816 23 62
Genf +41 79 417 90 90 Lausanne +41 21 636 31 81 Kosova: Pristina +381 38 240 666
Pristina (Airport) +381 38 548 432 Prizren +381 29 241 859 Suhareka +381 29 271 001

Rezervimi i biletave duhet të lëshohet në emrin e pasagjerit që transportohet. Nëse nuk është bërë kjo gjë, anulohet detyrimi i transportimit. Në një rast të tillë, përjashtohet kthimi i çmimit të biletës.
Nëse nuk shfrytëzohet fluturimi shkues ose kthyes, përjashtohet kthimi i çmimit të biletës për pjesën e fluturimit që nuk është shfrytëzuar.
Në rast mosparaqitjeje për fluturim (No Show), duhet të paguhet çmimi i plotë i fluturimit.
Lirime për fëmijë dhe të rinj
Fëmijët deri në moshën 2-vjeçare (pa të drejtë ulëseje) dhe të rinjtë deri në moshën 12-vjeçare paguajnë çmim më të lirë. Vendimtare për këtë është mosha e fëmijës në momentin e fillimit të udhëtimit. Malësia Reisen GmbH ka të drejtë që, para fillimit të udhëtimit, të kontrollojë moshën e fëmijës dhe ta ngritë tarifën përkatëse.
Ndryshimi i rezervimeve /Anulimet
Në rast anulimi të fluturimit të rezervuar duhet paguar kompenzimi vijues për anulim:

14 ditë para fluturimit 15% të çmimit të biletës
7 ditë para fluturimit 30% të çmimit të biletës
2 ditë para fluturimit 60% të çmimit të biletës
Më pak se 24 orë para fluturimit 100% të çmimit të biletës

Anulimet me shpenzime janë të mundura vetëm në rast ndryshimi rezervimi ose me tarifa speciale të rezervimit.
Pas realizimit të fluturimit (nisjes) nuk pranohen ndryshimet e Emrit per fluturim ne kthim.

Airprishtina Bileta dhe Oferta per Maj 2013

Fluturime për në Prishtinë
Veronë Prishtinë    nga EUR 49,00
Shtutgart Prishtinë    nga EUR 49,00
Mynhen Prishtinë    nga EUR 49,00
Dyseldorf Prishtinë    nga EUR 49,00
Cyrih Prishtinë    nga CHF 69,00
Gjenevë Prishtinë    nga CHF 100,00
Basel/Mulhouse Prishtinë    nga CHF 119,00
Bruxelles Prishtinë    nga EUR 109,00

Fluturime nga Prishtina
Prishtina Shtutgart    nga EUR 59,00
Prishtina Mynhen    nga EUR 79,00
Prishtina Veronë    nga EUR 79,00
Prishtina Dyseldorf    nga EUR 79,00
Prishtina London-Gatwick    nga EUR 99,00
Prishtina Cyrih    nga CHF 129,00
Prishtina Basel/Mulhouse    nga CHF 139,00
Prishtina Hannover    nga EUR 119,00

Air Prishtina
Sheshi Nëna Terezë 45/1, Prishtinë
Tel: 038 222 099

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Strong start for Pristina

Pristina Airport aims for new record in 2013

Pristina Airport has started the year off on a strong note. The airport welcomed 121.754 passengers in January, a notable 10% increase compared to the same month last year. Pristina was the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia in 2012 with 1.527.134 passengers passing through its doors, an increase of 7.4% compared to 2011. As a result, Pristina recorded its busiest year on record. Belle Air Europe was the most popular airline operating out of the city, carrying 210.787 passengers. It was followed by Edelweiss on 166.920 passengers and Adria Airways with 154.633 passengers handled in and out of Pristina. Rounding off the top five were Belair and Turkish Airlines.

Pristina Airport’s strong start to the new year is a good indication it will be able to hold onto its position as the third busiest in the EX-YU region, with Dubrovnik and Split hot on its heels. The two Croatian airports anticipate a significant increase in passenger numbers over the summer due to a major boost in the number of airline operations and the added bonus of the country joining the European Union during peak summer season, which is expected to further fuel tourism.

New look for Pristina Airport

Meanwhile, construction of Pristina Airport’s brand new terminal is continuing to progress. The outer structures of the passenger terminal and the new control tower have now been completed with work continuing inside the new buildings. The project is set to be completed by the end of this year. The new terminal stretches over 45.000 square metres with the building featuring three air bridges. Furthermore, a new apron and car park with the ability to serve 1.750 vehicles are also under construction.

Kryeministri Thaçi vizitoi punimet në ANP – Adem Jashari

Kryeministri Thaçi së bashku me Ministrin Hamza, vizituan vazhdimin e punimeve në Aeroportin Ndërkombëtar të Prishtinës – Adem Jashari. Kjo është hera e dytë që po vizitohen punimet brenda disa muajve. Nga të Kryeministri punimet u vlerësuan si jashtëzakonsht të mira, ku u vlerësuar puna e konzorciumit turko-francez si dhe bashkëpunimi me organet shtetërore.

Punimet në ANP – Adem Jashari kanë filluar në korrik të vitit të kaluar dhe tashmë një pjesë e mirë e punimeve ndërtimore janë në përfundim. Nga ana e partnerit privat, konzorciumit turko-francez, Limak – Aeroport de Lyon pritet të ndërtohen, në mes tjerash:

  • Terminali i ri me më shumë se 29000 m2
  • Kulla e re për trafikun ajror, së bashku me objektin administrativ për Shërbimin e Navgimit Ajror
  • Parking veturash me 1750 vend-parkingje
  • Platforma e re për parkingje të aeroplanëve
  • Zona e re për radhitjen e taksive dhe autobusëve, si dhe
  • Uzinë për trajtimin e ujërave të zeza që është risi për këtë lokacion

Këto përbëjnë investimin më të madh privat në Kosovë nga paslufta, duke arritur në vlerë mbi 100 milionë EURO

Prishtina International Airport with a new CEO

General Director of Antalya Airport manages Prishtina International Airport

His long experience is expected to serve Prishtina International Airport and to the civil Aviation in Kosovo especially at imputing the new standards and investments of 100 million Euros that the consortium is expected to do during the next three years and also to the increase of passengers number up to 4 million within 20 next years which is one of the company’s goals as well. The general Manager Ferda Yakar born on the city of Izmir in Turkey before being appointed as director of PIA ’Adem Jashari‘ has managed the Antalya Airport which has around 24 million passengers per year. ‚ It is normal that we have changes between Antalya airport and Prishtina Airport, as you are aware that Antalya is one of the main world tourism destinations in Turkey. This airport serves more than 24 million passengers per year. And at this point of view ANP ‚Adem Jashari‘ is a smaller airport but our objectives are to expand this airport and make it as the main airport of the region‘ said Ferda Yakar-General Director of the PIA ‚Adem Jashari. According to the company’s plan in the end of this month we will begin the investments foreseen according to contract between the Kosovo Government and concessioner, for building a new terminal of 25 thousand meter square, building the tower , parking lot etc.

By completing  these investment our objectives are that the passenger nr. served by PIA ‚Adem Jashari‘ will reach and pass 4 million passengers within 20 next years. It is not an easy task but with the measures that we plan to take by having a new terminal, competition between airlines and by creating easy ways in order to increase the passengers nr. this objective will be reached too. We will do the best to make Prishtina Airport the most attractive airport in the region‘ said further General Director Ferda Yakar. The consortium Limak & Airport De Lyon MAS currently it is renovating the existing facilities in order to create more commodity conditions for the employees and passengers until we build the new terminal.