Belle Air Effect in Prishtina

During the week Pirstina’s busiest airline, the Italian registered Belle Air Europe, ceased operations, a move which is expected to have short term effects on Pristina Airport. On Thursday, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority suspended Belle Air Europe’s operating license. Affected passengers are now seeking compensation which the defunct airline has an obligation to provide, though it has been difficult getting in contact with the airline. Belle Air Europe operated flights out of Pristina to Basel, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Malmo, Milan, Stuttgart, Venice and Verona. In addition, it often ran services on behalf of other airlines, making it the busiest at the airport.
Adria Airways and Wizz Air were quick to respond to Belle Air Europe’s demise. Adria operated up to five flights between Pristina and Ljubljana the day following Belle Air Europe’s suspension announcement. Wizz Air launched a dedicated webpage to those affected by the bankruptcy, offering low “rescue” fares for travel from its Skopje base. However, no airline has committed to taking over any of Belle Air Europe’s routes. On the other hand, in Albania, where parent company Belle Air also filed for bankruptcy, Italian low cost airline Blue Panorama immediately took over seven of Belle Air’s routes. Adria is in the best position to profit from the bankruptcy since it has a Bombardier CRJ900 based in Pristina, as well as local staff. In addition, Adria is a EU registered airline, allowing it to operate flights out of Pristina to EU markets.
In 2012 Pristina Airport was the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, handling 1.527.13 passengers. Of that, Belle Air Europe accounted for 210.787. In the first three quarters of 2013, Belle Air Europe carried 175.535 passengers to and from Pristina. The airport has seen significant passenger growth so far this year, however, the rate of increase in the last few months has considerably slowed. Split Airport is currently ahead of Pristina, handling 1.524.192 passengers compared to the latter’s 1.440.632 during the first ten months of the year. After a strong 2013, Split is vying to overtake the title as the former Yugoslavia’s third busiest airport this year. However, in order to so, it must continue to see growth during the slow winter months while the effects of Belle Air Europe’s demise in Pristina remain to be seen. Pristina Airport will continue to be served by fourteen scheduled airlines this winter.belleair-

Wizz Air announces rescue fares for Belle Air Europe passengers

Wizz Air announces rescue fares for Belle Air Europe passengers

Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced €39.99 (MKD 2490) rescue fares for passengers affected by the sudden closure of Belle Air Europe, based at Pristina Airport (Kosovo). These rescue fares are available for passengers with valid bookings on the defunct carrier and are valid on Wizz Air’s Skopje routes (just 2 hours from Pristina Airport) to Basel Mulhouse, Dortmund, Milan Bergamo, Venice Treviso and Malmo. To qualify for the €39.99 rescue fares passengers must be in possession of a cancelled Belle Air Europe flight reservation, book via the Wizz Air call centre or online at and bring their original reservation when they travel. Wizz Air launched this rescue fare of €39.99 to minimize disruption to Belle Air Europe passengers. Travel on these rescue fares must be concluded until 15 December and is subject to seat availability.


Call Centre

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Pristina New York 705 € – Austrian Red Ticket

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Kosovo: what to see in Europe’s newest country

Perched in the foothills of the Sharr Mountains, the Kosovan village of Runjeve is so sleepy that the arrival of our car merits an audience. Farmers down their wooden tools and children interrupt their games in the primary school yard to stare as our low-slung saloon grumbles up the poorly surfaced road.

At last, we reach Hangjik, a stone house overlooking the valley. This year, a British couple and their Kosovar neighbours have sensitively restored it in traditional Albanian style and opened it as a holiday home, complete with the bridal chest and wooden cradle of the family who once lived here.

Just 14 years ago, Hangjik was briefly used as one of hundreds of Kosovo Liberation Army hideouts, during the bloody war between Albanians and Serbs. Now its transformation is being echoed throughout Kosovo as a country once famous for war begins to embrace tourism.

“When I go back to Britain, people still say ‘you’re so brave — are you not frightened being there?’” says Mary Packer, who restored the house with her husband Alan, and their friends from the village, Nazmi and Kadrije Berisha. “It is time to throw off that old image and tell a different story, about the cultural heritage that is here and the hospitality that comes so naturally to the locals.”


This landlocked Balkan country is not the most obvious holiday destination but five years after the former region of Serbia declared independence, westerners are starting to visit. For the moment, they are counted in their hundreds not thousands, but these first tourists are discovering an enchanting country with rugged scenery good for walking and Ottoman-era architecture, ideal for a relaxing long weekend or an excursion as part of a longer tour taking in neighbouring Macedonia or Montenegro. Continue reading Kosovo: what to see in Europe’s newest country

Prishtina Airport Flight Schedule and New Terminal update

  • FLIGHT    AIRLINE            FROM        TO        SCHEDULE
  • BIE9825    Air Mediterranee    Prishtina    Medinah        5:30
  • DWT871    Darwin Airline        Prishtina    Zurich        5:50
  • BAL526    Belle Air Europe    Prishtina    Venice        6:00
  • ADR114    Adria Airways        Prishtina    Frankfurt    6:10
  • AUA770    Austrian Airlines    Prishtina    Vienna        7:10
  • THY1018    Turkish Airlines    Prishtina    Istanbul    9:05
  • EDW403    Edelweiss Air        Prishtina    Zurich        9:45
  • BHP2353    Belair Airlines        Prishtina    Zurich        10:00
  • BAL917    Belle Air Europe    Prishtina    Basel – Mulhouse11:30
  • BAL762    Belle Air Europe    Prishtina    Milano        11:40
  • PGT854    Pegasus Airline        Prishtina    Istanbul S.Gokcen11:45
  • ADR156    Adria Airways        Prishtina    Munich        12:50
  • ADR839    Adria Airways        Prishtina    Ljubljana    15:55
  • BIE9722    Air Mediterranee    Prishtina    Medinah        17:50
  • THY1020    Turkish Airlines    Prishtina    Istanbul    20:40
  • JAF1652    Jetair Fly        Prishtina    Tirana-Brussels    21:00

airport prishtina

Despite the construction of Pristina Airport’s new multi million euro terminal running late, the building is expected to open its doors to the public at the start of the 2013/14 winter season. The airport’s operator, Limak and Aéroports de Lyon, say construction work has been gaining momentum in the lead up to the terminal’s opening with technology now being installed for the handling of passengers upon arrival and departure. The airport has also invested into new aircraft handling equipment and the construction of a brand new control tower. The Kosovo Civil Aviation Authority says Pristina Airport will have the most modern terminal in the Balkans which will be fitted with the latest technology. Continue reading Prishtina Airport Flight Schedule and New Terminal update

AirKosova – Mountain Madness in Peja, Kosovo

AirKosova – Mountain Madness in Peja, Kosovo

Traveling in Kosovo is tricky the people are warm, gentle and hospitable, while the natural beauty is simply staggering. On the other hand. The age-old animosity between Albanians and Serbs is making it difficult for Kosovo and Serbia to move forward and for you to walk in. But don’t let that stop you. Kosovo has too much beauty to pass by, especially the Rugova Gorge; and once you are in, the only thing you will feel is peace and quiet.

In the craggy hills of the Bjeshket e Nemuna Mountains lies picturesque Peja, an agglomeration of 95 small villages with 170,000 residents, the second highest population in the country. It’s scenic setting and close proximity to some of Kosovo’s most raw and untapped nature make it great place to enjoy a weekend of off the beaten track adventures.

Peja is located in the east of Kosovo, less than 20 miles (32km) from the borders of Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.

airkosova-rugova-peja-gryka Continue reading AirKosova – Mountain Madness in Peja, Kosovo

Günstige Flüge nach Pristina buchen

Günstige Flüge nach Pristina buchen

Buchen Sie jetzt beim Testsiegerair-kosova-departures


  • 25.09.2013 Stuttgart – Prishtina 59.–EUR Airkosova
  • 25.09.2013 München – Prishtina 79.–EUR Air Kosova
  • 25.09.2013 Prishtina – Prishtina 99.–EUR Flyksa
  • 27.09.2013 Stuttgart – Prishtina 59.–EUR Kosova Airlines
  • 27.09.2013 Düsseldorf – Prishtina 59.–EUR
  • 28.09.2013 Düsseldorf – Prishtina 69.–EUR
  • 28.09.2013 Stuttgart – Prishtina 69.–EUR
  • 28.09.2013 München – Prishtina 99.–EUR
  • 29.09.2013 Stuttgart – Prishtina 59.–EUR
  • 29.09.2013 München – Prishtina 59.–EUR
  • 29.09.2013 Düsseldorf – Prishtina 69.–EUR

Wenn Sie auf der suche nach einem Flug nach Prishtina sind, dann sind sie hier genau richtig. Unser benutzerfreundliches Portal ermöglicht Ihnen schnelles und leichtes suchen und buchen. Hier finden Sie alles zum Thema Flugreisen und Billig fliegen nach Prishtina zu Top-Konditionen. Kosova verfügt über einen internationalen Flughafen 15km von Prishtina entfernt, der von vielen namhaften Fluggesellschaften geflogen wird.

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Airport Pristina is keeping numbers high

Pristina Airport has continued to record strong passenger numbers, though the rate of growth has slowed in July. During last month, Pristina Airport welcomed 198.443 passengers though its doors, an increase of 0.6%. In the first seven months of 2013, Pristina Airport has handled 954.488 passengers, an increase of 11.6% compared to the same period last year. Dubrovnik Airport, which is hot on Pristina’s heels, will handle its millionth passenger of the year today. However, Pristina is expected to maintain its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia this year. In 2012 the airport handled 1.527.134 passengers.

limak airports

Pristina International Airport 2013 Statistics Jan-July

  • Janury 119,714
  • February 102,217
  • March 126,132
  • Arill 134,272
  • May 132,610
  • June 141,100
  • July 198.443


meanwhile Prishtina Airport is nearing the end of new terminal construction which will be among the best in the Balkans region with over 42,000 m2. The new terminal building of Pristina Adem Jashari Airport is designed as a structure in which all the equipment will be kept for effective operation in an enclosed area of 42,474 m2. There are 26 check-in desks and one large-size luggage check-in desk in the new terminal building. 6 C-type planes or 3 E-type planes will be able to park simultaneously thanks to 4 passenger boarding bridges and 3 fixed link buildings all of which are compatible with the MARS system. With open park positions, 8 C-type and 4 E-type planes are able to park.

The new terminal building will offer highest-quality service in terms of aviation and passenger comfort. In total over 2.500 m2 of trading area, 900 m2 of which is duty-free zone, was established in the new terminal building. With these features, it will serve as the terminal with the most spectacular trading concept of the Balkans.

EasyJet cmimet per Gusht Prishtine Basel dhe Gjeneve 2013

EasyJet cmimet per Gusht Prishtine Basel dhe Gjeneve

te gjitha keto oferta jane momentale dhe mund te rezevohen ne


Prishtina  Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg me Easyjet

  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 15.Gusht.2013 309.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 17.Gusht.2013 286.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 18.Gusht.2013 286.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 19.Gusht.2013 231.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 20.Gusht.2013 212.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 22.Gusht.2013 252.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 24.Gusht.2013 219.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 25.Gusht.2013 219.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 26.Gusht.2013 215.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 27.Gusht.2013 212.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 29.Gusht.2013 210.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 31.Gusht.2013 220.24 €
  • Pristina to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 1.Shtator.2013 241.24 €

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Pristina Airport terminal nears completion Pristina’s time to shine

The new multi million euro terminal in Pristina is set to open its doors to passengers this fall. Construction work on the 45.000 square metre building is nearing completion with late September being tipped as the official opening date for the new terminal. Project manager Holdon Koktur says 130 million euros has been invested into the terminal building, which will have the capacity to handle 3.2 million passengers per year. “We have expanded the airport’s capacity and I am sure that the government will be satisfied. We have invested more into the project than was originally planned. I am very pleased with our progress“, Mr. Koktur commented.

pristina airport adem jashari

Pristina Airport believes the new terminal will also lure passengers away from using its nearest rival – Skopje Airport. “People do not want to cross the border to use Skopje Airport. It is not attractive for those in Kosovo to travel two hours to Macedonia. We are ready for any kind of competition and believe we will provide much better services than other airports in the region”, Mr. Koktur said. He added airport authorities are considering subsidising low cost airlines in order to attract more customers. Low fares have recently attracted many from Kosovo to use Skopje Airport, with the airport recently launching its own shuttle bus to Pristina. Continue reading Pristina Airport terminal nears completion Pristina’s time to shine